Summer II Blog (7.20.18)

Summer II Blog (7.20.18)

Let’s face it—a swimsuit is pretty much an everyday necessity when the temperatures rise. You never know when you’ll get the opportunity to take a dip or hop on a boat. Every beach lover needs a variety of swimsuits to get them through the summer. But that skin-bearing suit you plan to wear in Vegas is often times not the best pick for a family get-together on the water. Here, we’ve put together a style guide to help inspire a look for your next date with the sun.


The “I’m on a Boat” Swimsuit

Finding a friend that has a boat is like winning the jackpot. It’s the perfect summer dream and boating tops any other weekend plans. Feeling the breeze in your hair as you zip over the water and groove to some hot tunes is the recipe for a fabulous day. But what is a boat trip without looking your best?

For you sailing babe, we suggest the Caged Tie Side Cheeky Coverage One-Piece. This one-piece swimsuit is great for boating days because it has coverage and teasing elements to add some heat. A lot of boating time is spent sitting down, so it’s great to have tummy coverage while you set out to sea. This style’s beautiful deep v-neckline exposes the right amount of cleavage and its adjustable straps let you modify the fit to your body. Lace-up sides add a sexy detail with crossing back straps to add some flair.

Once the sun starts to set, this one-piece suit looks great paired with a kimono or cardigan. Add a floppy hat and you’ll be the best dressed on the boat before you’ve even left the dock.

“The G-Rated Family Outing” Suit

Ever get invited to a family reunion or trip to the water park and not know what to wear? Shopping for a family function is usually not the first on your list, but it’s nice to have a suit that isn’t too revealing. A top with too much cleavage and a cheeky bottom style is definitely a no-no for days with the fam. There’s nothing like going down a waterslide and getting a wedgie as your aunt gives you the stink eye.

For those days spent with family, we suggest the Low Back Moderate Coverage One-Piece so you can stay cute and somewhat covered. This style provides ample cleavage and butt coverage but has an ultra low back to show some skin in a tasteful way. Thick straps keep this suit in place perfect for activities like building sand castles with younger cousins and playing frisbee with Dad. And pick a fun pattern like ’60s vintage floral or beach stripes to add some pizzazz to your suit. A one-piece suit with more coverage is also great for beach days followed by apizza feast or during a visit from “Aunt Flow.”

“The Relaxing Day Spent Solo” One-Piece

We’ve all had those days when we’re exhausted from everyone and everything. Sometimes you need to drop the computer, ditch your phone and head to the nearest sun deck for a daily dose of Vitamin D. When you’re feelin’ like this, slip into the Tie Front Cheeky One-Piece so you’re comfortable and cute with only you to worry about.

This swimsuit has adjustable spaghetti straps and a soft v-neckline. A middle tie can be knotted at your cleavage for a timeless vintage look. Its steamy middle cutout exposes just the right amount of skin, and a high-leg cut lengthens the appearance of your legs.

This swimsuit gives you a pretty, comfortable look that is perfect for a picnic in the park, reading or catching up on some much-needed journaling. Get more in tune with you in this style and let your self-love radiate out to the world!


 “The Romantic Getaway” Bikini

A trip to the Bahamas with the one you love? Down to Mexico with your boo by your side? Can I get a YES PLEASE.

Some of the most fun swimsuits to shop for are when you have that special someone in mind. This is the time to unleash your confidence and go for that risqué top you’ve been eyeing up. Vacations are all about looking good, having fun and taking too many pictures. And for you Bahama mama, we think you should go for the Seamless Pullover top.

This bikini top has a stunning v-cut neckline and a lifting waistband so you can flaunt perfect cleavage. Adjustable straps allow you to modify the fit to your body. And its minimal back style lets you catch a nice tan because we know you’ll want to show off some skin for dinner and drinks come nighttime.

Every steamy top needs a pair of sexy bikini bottoms. The Seamless V-Cut bottoms are all that, and more. Its v-shape cut gives a flirty look that sits high on your hips and has a low dipping front side. Check out the back, and you’ll notice its cheeky coverage for juicy look your partner will adore. Go for this suit and we promise you’ll be coming back home even more in love than when you left.

“The Active Beach Day with Your BFFs” Style

The best beach days are spent with your BFFs by your side. And there’s always that sporty friend in the group that wants to body surf or join a game of beach volleyball.  And since spontaneity is your middle name, you’re usually down to join in on the fun.

For days like these, wear the Seamless Sport Top and the Seamless High-Waisted Bottoms. The Sport Top has thick straps that never fall down and a beautiful round neckline. This design keeps your chest in place with plenty of support and comfort. Diving into the ocean blue, wakeboarding and roller skating can all be done without worry of a nip slip.

The Seamless High-Waisted bottoms sit right at your waist and can be worn just above or below your belly button. The backside fits over your butt for a flattering cut that doesn’t ride up—you can swim all day without having to adjust its placement.

Build Your Swim Collection

We hope this guide has helped give you an idea of what to shop for on the next suit hunt. There’s something exciting about putting on a swimsuit and thinking about the adventures you’re about to take on. But the suit you’d flaunt with your partner is probably not the one you’d wear on a family vacation. Luckily, the California Dreamin’ collection has every style from skin-bearing to moderate coverage. Our best advice is to add a variety of looks to your swim collection so you feel cute, confident and splash-ready no matter what comes your way.