Get Ready to Party in the USA—All Day, Every day

Get Ready to Party in the USA—All Day, Every day

Bring on the BBQs. Start looking for fireworks in your town. Make friends with someone who has a boat (summer goals!). And get your tan on because our Party In The USA collection is here!

The American culture has always been iconic with its carefree lifestyle, savory fried foods and gorgeous girls. With summer just around the corner, we wanted to launch a collection that celebrates the colorful USA but with a fashion-forward mindset. You’ll notice that every bikini or one-piece has stars but not in the traditional colors of red, white and blue. We decided to put our own, more feminine spin on it so you can look cute while partaking in all the summer festivities.

And since 4th of July is the best holiday on earth, we’ve included an easy recipe for a super yummy snack.


You Know You Wanna Dress Americana

The Party in the USA collection is filled with star-printed bikinis and one-pieces in beautiful sunset and blue colors. Unlike most American-themed gear, this is perfect to wear all year round since it has a softer look and stars are always in. We’ve taken a little taste of the USA culture, and put our own flair on it to bring high-quality 4th of July swimsuits in the most popular Dippin’ Daisy’s cuts.

Keep cool through the hottest months with a collection filled with cheeky bottoms and rounded waist cuts perfect for flirting and getting a couple shades bronzer. If you crave high-waisted bottoms, go for the 3055 for its flattering fit and steamy lace-up sides.

Get pretty and practical with a one-piece in this collection. The 1786 has crisscross cleavage paneling to add some heat its star pattern and moderate coverage. If you’re looking for something with a more classic style, opt for the 1193 one-piece and its beautiful scoop neckline. This suit looks great with cutoff jean shorts for everyday wear. And if you want something to make a big impression, the 1792 is for you. Go bold with a middle cutout, sexy underboob exposure and its high-leg cut to show off your legs in a stunning style.


How to Have the Perfect 4th of July

What better way to spend 4th of July than out in the sun wearing a super cute star-spangled suit? Do yourself a favor and plan your outfit ahead of time so you’re not scrambling to find that old, tattered 4th of July shirt you’ve kept from middle school.  Once you have a festive suit, all you need is a bandana in your hair and a glass of lemonade to set the mood right.

And like any summer socialite, we’re sure you’ll get a plenty of invites to parties and cookouts. No one wants to show up to a 4th of July party empty-handed, so we’ve come up with a cute and easy recipe for a great summer snack.

Red, White & Berry Popsicles

Prep time: 5 minutes

Recipe makes 10 popsicles

*Need popsicle molds & popsicle sticks


  • 2 ½ cups of fresh berries (preferably strawberries and blueberries)
  • 40 oz. of coconut water


  1. Place small-sized berries or fruit in popsicle molds. You may need a knife to push them down to the bottom.
  2. Pour in coconut water to fill the popsicle mold to the brim.
  3. Insert a stick into each
  4. Cover the mold and chill in freezer for several hours.
  5. Upon serving, let the popsicles sit for 5 minutes so you can remove from mold.
  6. Share and enjoy!

Now there you have it—with this recipe we bet you’ll be the hero of your 4th of July party. Or better yet, throw your own party so you can make your own rules and be the hostess with the mostess (and the cutest outfit!). As always, be safe and look out for your friends and loved ones during these hot summer months. Remember to stay hydrated and be the star that are, baby!