As a chemistry major in college studying to be a scientist, being an entrepreneur was never the plan. My mother passed away during my senior year in college. I took this "brick and mortar bikini store" she worked extremely hard on to become the business it is now. The drive to continue her legacy had overcome any fear that got in the way. Every day I learned how to run the business without her guidance was a hard, emotional day, making many mistakes and failing one day after the other. I definitely took the days working with my mother for granted. Fast forward to today, Dippin Daisys is already bigger than expected and made me the woman whom she wanted me to become. I want to empower future women to overcome their own fear and take action. Women generally struggle with confidence issues when they're more competent. I want to help women move from pain to fulfillment. Life is short and is meant to be lived to your fullest potential.
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Supporting Female Entrepreneurs Is Our Passion

The journey hasn't always been easy; creating swimwear that is kind to the planet isn't exactly a breeze, but adding on discrimination within the industry for being a POC woman is more than anyone should handle. With that, Dippin Daisys strives to always pay it forward and uplift other female creators; we don't want the future generation to face the same adversities that we did. With every decision we make as a company, from fabrics to packaging to partnerships and collaborations, we consistently put this value front and center, and hope that each step we take is a step forward for all.