The Thrill of After Hours: Moody Swimwear with a Sweet Touch


After Hours. These two words are enough to peak excitement and ask ourselves… should we be doing this? After Hours—the words to describe the time after normal visiting hours. After Hours. Another name for an afterparty or an expression to label a nighttime adventure where anything could happen.

It’s no coincidence that we chose to name Dippin’ Daisy’s fall collection after this spontaneous, thrill-seeking and mysterious phrase. As you look through the styles of our After Hours collection, you’ll notice the suits have a more saturated feeling, a sexy intention and a deeper underlying meaning. This collection isn’t just sunshine and rainbows like the other Dippin’ Daisy’s collections. This is a darker, sultry-type collection that is made for the girls who color outside the lines but still have a sweet touch.


Make a Big Impression in the Day—or Night


Let’s talk about the new, dashing colors of After Hours. We brought deep jewel colors into this collection like Garnet, Jewel Blue and Mauve. These colors have a more mature look than typical bright-colored beachwear and add an extra level of sensuality. If you want something more fun and intriguing, we suggest going with the Glamazon. This is a really special print because it first appears to be a blue and white daisy over a Garnet-colored background. Take a step away, and you’ll see a bright cheetah pattern you just can’t get enough of.

The Knotted One-Piece could be the poster child of “After Hours” for its stunning silhouette and alluring cut. This dreamy style has a rounded neckline, triangle cutouts at the waist and a knotted center. We designed this suit to show off your curves by placing cutouts at the thinnest part of your frame. This style has a mod look and can be paired with a skirt or jeans for the perfect night out dancing.

This set is a match made in heaven—the Ruffle Tie Top and Ruffle Bottoms. If you have a smaller bust, ruffles are a great way to make your chest appear larger by adding texture and attention to your cleavage. The ruffles on the bottoms add a feminine touch and look adorable as they flutter in the breeze. This style relays a chic tropical vibe that makes for the perfect vacation piece.

The lace-up styles found in our California Dreamin’ collection were so popular, we brought them back in several dashing new fall colors. These swimmies are perfect to show off some skin and are adjustable so you can customize the fit to your shape.



Fall for Fall Swim


Okay, okay we get it. Many of you, especially those living in colder climates, may be thinking… A fall swim collection! Why? And although you may not be going to the beach next week, there are plenty of occasions you wear suits indoors during colder months.

Think about how many times you’ve gone to an indoor waterpark or hopped in a friend’s Jacuzzi. Planning a staycation with friends or family is a great way to explore a new place and enjoy some prime lodging and swimming without the financial burden of a full-blown vacation. If it isn’t already, a trip to the local bathhouse for a day of complete R&R should be on your to-do list. And if you live in a colder climate, of course you are looking forward to the next tropical vacation and we guarantee you’ll never be mad at yourself for buying a cute new swimmie—it may even help you pull the trigger.

The After Hours collection is very versatile and there are endless ways to wear these suits outside the beach. All of our one-pieces double as bodysuits, and can be paired with jeans for a pretty outfit worn to a concert or casual dinner. Our beloved Sport Top makes a great sports bra that is perfect for hot yoga and morning jogs. And the Seamless Bandeau Top doubles as a bralette and can be worn under a layering top or button down on your next brunch date. 




 Don’t get us wrong, day swims definitely have their place in our hearts, but there’s something so mysterious and thrilling about a night swim. Perhaps it’s the idea that you’re rebelling against the norm. Maybe it’s because the moonlight just feels right and is your only chaperone for the night. It could be the nostalgic thought of the first time you went skinny-dipping. It might be the surprising and comforting warmness of the water. Whatever it is, we encourage you to experience its magic.

We can all agree a night swim is more unique, more original, more underground and unheard of. The beach is yours and there’s no one else around to tell you otherwise. The water is calm… still. We guarantee when you do make the plunge for a night swim, it will engrave itself into your brain. You will forever remember the night swim, while the memories of all the times you swam in the daylight just like everyone else, fizzle out.