Designed for artists and entrepreneurs in mind, "The Canvas" is Dippin' Daisy's initiative to collaborate with creatives and innovators in the space. Aimed to highlight women who are up and coming, "The Canvas" is driven to support and showcase tastemakers through all different mediums.

Steffi Lynn

"I started freelancing when I was still a student at Pratt Institute. I was always eager to get my foot in the door, so I reached out and did random freelance gigs. But my first big job was for Seventeen Magazine!"

Nicole Goldfarb

"I felt so constrained by brand guidelines and dreamed of creating designs with more colors, fonts, and graphic styles. On a whim, I bought myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and began drawing every night after work for hours upon hours."


"I think working for brands that share the same mantra as me is truly so rewarding. It makes the design process so much more exciting as I'm making work that resonates with me."