Reflection and Resolution

What’s Next for Dippin’ Daisy’s Swimwear?

2017 is nearly coming to a close, and as such, we here at Dippin’ Daisy’s wanted to create a new tradition of reflecting on past years and creating resolutions for next year. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and we’ve learned so much!

But first, let’s get a little bit of background about Dippin’ Daisy’s. DDS started in 2009 by a few California natives eager to break out in the swimwear industry. Equipped with the keys to VIVA USA, an LA based manufacturing company, DDS started out primarily in wholesale, providing fashionable USA made bikinis to brands and boutiques in Downtown Los Angeles. As the industry grew, so did Daisy’s, becoming the No.1 wholesale swimwear provider in DTLA. Of course, this was just the beginning.

In 2016, it became a mission of the DDS Team to achieve a luxuriously soft feel to every bikini and one-piece swimsuit. Fabrics were upgraded, prints were carefully curated, and fits were perfected. Before long, Daisy’s was selling throughout the country, with everything from boutiques to department stores buying swimsuits for wholesale.

Today, we prepare for the new year with a brand new objective: deliver on-point trends while still sustaining affordable prices for wholesale. This is no easy feat, but we are prepared to take on the challenge. Because we produce every single swimsuit in the USA, we receive new arrivals daily, well before the trends hit the mainstream.

We’ve also made a push to stay in connection with the gorgeous girls who wear DDS swimsuits. Through blogs, newsletters, and social media, we are happily delivering new and interesting content to our supporters. Not only that, a new crew of Daisy babes have come along, supporting the brand by slaying in our suits on Instagram.

With every passing year, Dippin’ Daisy’s gets a new opportunity to do something no one in the market is doing. Our luxurious feel, instant arrivals, and latest trends are sure to make 2018 a splash.

Are you ready for it?

Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear