• black friday bikini sale: your guide to online swimwear shopping


While we can't resist the fantastic sales of Black Friday, what we can't ever justify is the wave of shoppers eagerly competing for the best deal.


If we’re catching a wave, we’d prefer it to be blue and on a surfboard!

People in Stores - Black Friday Bikini Sale Guide

Black Friday at the mall can be stressful when trying to shop for a swimsuit. After wading through a sea of winter gear, you get excited to find the swimwear section, only to find that it consists of four tops and three bottoms, none of which match. If you happen to stumble upon a rare matching bikini set, trying it on is yet another feat. The fluorescent lights of the dressing room shed a faint light on the fact that this bikini is not flattering at all. Then you realize there is a reason it is the last bikini left.

Save yourself from the long lines and the dull lights. Go online this year! What’s great about online shopping is that all the beach essentials you’re looking for is available all year ‘round.


Comfortable Online Shopping - Black Friday Bikini Sale Guide

Dippin’ Daisy’s got all the bikinis and one pieces to your heart’s desire, all 365 days. Now, shopping for swimsuits online can be scary. You might be wondering “what if it’s too big or small”? Well, you don’t have to worry. We included the precise measurements under each item so you don’t have to sit and wonder. You can have a custom fit without the custom fit price!

So, go ahead and light that sea breeze scented candle you have been saving for those summer nights. Get yourself a slice of paradise in the comfort of your own home. 


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