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Customer Reviews

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Francesca B.
Body Type: Athletic, Full Bust
Bra Size: 32 DDD
Product Quality: Beyond Amazing
Color: Mojito/lemon
Size: M
Runs Small
Runs Big
Love the color and style but loose in butt

There was some extra fabric on the butt that made it a little saggier than I would like, but other wise they fit super great, made me look really tan and are super cute!

Body Type: Curvy
Bra Size: 36B
Product Quality: Needs a Little Love
Color: Wild orchid
Size: M
Runs Small
Runs Big
Cute top!

I have only tried this top on not worn it out, but it is very cute. I ordered a medium. I am a 36B bra in top, small chested, and this top is a little small.


A joke, wish I never purchased this

We apologize for any inconvenience experienced due to the item you purchased. Please reach out to our customer support and we will be glad to assist you further.

Body Type: Petite, Pear, Straight & Narrow
Bra Size: 32C
Product Quality: Needs a Little Love
Color: Burn Tie Die
Size: S
Runs Small
Runs Big
Cool fabric

I got this suit as a "surprise suit" promotional offering based on how many other suits I had ordered. Of all the suits I ordered, this surprise suit was actually my favorite! Though I wouldn't have picked out this color or fabric on my own, I actually ended up really liking it! It looks good on my fair skin. These bottoms fit very similar to the Audrey bottom that I also ordered. It's a heavier weight fabric, shiny, textured - really cool. However because it's a heavier fabric than most bathing suits, the butt does sag a bit in the water. The sides are adjustable so you can tie tighter, but I don't have a very big butt so that might be part of it. I would probably order a different bottom if that's a concern for you. Paired with the Fuego top (which fit great). I'm 5'5 and 110 lbs.


Love everything I get from here! Fit great and love that it’s cheeky but not too much