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Customer Reviews

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Body Type: Petite, Pear, Straight & Narrow
Bra Size: 32C
Product Quality: Just As Dreamt
Color: Dove
Size: S
Runs Small
Runs Big
Cheeky but not TOO cheeky

I don't have a huge butt but *always* have trouble finding bottoms that cover you enough -- these DO cover enough of the bottom for me and fit better than most brands in this style. It's still cheeky but just look like they fit properly (and not the 'accidental-awkward-almost-thong' and also not the 'full-butt-diaper-coverage' look either). Has a good high rise fit, flattering because it covers some of the lower belly and makes your legs look longer. Due to the way these are constructed (fully adjustable tie sides) I do think if you want even more belly & butt coverage you could order a size up and tie the sides tighter. They also lined well, didn't think they were too sheer. Happy with the fit!

Color - I got the Dove and it's more of a cream/light yellow than white. Wish it was a brighter color (not the best color for my light, cool-toned skin). Wore if for my bachelorette and wish it was a brighter white (which isn't offered in this style) or tried the shiny Diamond instead. Would look great on someone who likes wearing neutrals/tans and has warmer skin tone, though.

Body Type: Petite
Product Quality: Needs a Little Love
Color: Beige
Size: L
Absolute winner

The beige color of the swimsuit is an absolute winner. It's a timeless shade that complements various skin tones and blends perfectly with the serene beach environment.