• MARBLE Print Swimsuits

• MARBLE Print Swimsuits

It’s no secret that the MARBLE texture has recently blown up in popularity; a timeless classic has become a forward trend.


Here at Dippin’ Daisy’s, we’re all about beauty in nature, but what is it specifically about marble that immediately catches our eye, and how can you join in on the fun?

Marble Seamless Sport Top by Dippin' Daisy's

Marble High Cut Low V-Neck One Piece by Dippin' Daisy's

Marble has always been a coveted material, desired for its strong yet smooth texture and mesmerizing patterns. Used in architecture to create some of the world’s most incredible and enduring structures like the Parthenon (Photo by Martin Pilát) and the Taj Mahal (Photo via New Times), marble is synonymous with beauty, strength, and luxury. Today, marble has made the transition from architecture to fashion, being seen on everything from Balenciaga hand bags to H&M blouses.

MARBLE TRENDS / Black Marble Seamless Basic Triangle Top & Seamless Reversible to White Cheeky Bottom by Dippin' Daisy's

The marble print is usually seen as a print for Fall and Winter; cold black and white marble doesn’t really scream Summer. But of course, swimwear is always the exception.

NEW Mauve Marble & Gray Marble RESORT Prints by Dippin' Daisy's

The MARBLE High Cut Low V-Neck One Piece has been our favorite all Summer, and now we’re so excited to give a sneak peek of our RESORT Marble PRINTS: Mauve Marble and Grey Marble; Launching November 1st.



Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear

We can’t wait to see our babes donning these suits well into the new seasons,

because these classics are meant to stand forever.