• INTERVIEW / Niki Pea

• INTERVIEW / Niki Pea

We interview Niki Pea and this is what she shared with us



First of all let us tell you who she is,

California Girl, Free Spirit, Model, Visionary, Vegan, Fitness, Wanderlust and Dreamer,

and this is what we ask her:


- Why did you decide to leave LA and go to live to Melbourne?


I've been to 13 countries outside the U.S. I love to Travel and I wanted to try something new! I love and embrace change. I feel like when your young you should live in as many different countries as you want.


- It's glamour model your dream job, or you have a secret dream you are working on? 


I've been glamour modeling since I was 18 years old. I plan to be a business owner of some sort. I'm in no rush of staying in one place so I will figure it out as I go.



- What's your favorite beach in Melbourne and why?


I would have to say Torquay because its right next to Bells Beach which is a really cool surf spot. It is also more down towards South Australia and a bit far from the city. They also have this healthy grocery store that is similar to whole foods!


- Do you have hobbies that have nothing to do with your model career? 


I actually love photography. After modeling for years I figured Id try my hand at photography.

My Photo Page is @NpeaPhoto on IG.



- What country is the most wanted on you wish list? 


I feel like so far I've visited many on my bucket list, but some of the near future countries I'm planning to Visit are Croatia, Bora Bora, Maldives and Fiji. 


- Do you have a favorite movie, and why that one? 


So its kinda of stereotypical but I love "The Notebook" Its honestly a great movie and it kind of reminds me of the love my grandparents had which is something lots of people wish for !


- If you could live in other time, what would it be and why?


To be honest I love the times we live in now. Technology is so advanced and simple tasks are so easy and convenient to do now a days through phone and computer apps. Living in the present is great.




- Have you dream with having your own Brand, and what would be about?


I feel like as a person I'm quite diverse. I love Fitness, Fashion , Beauty, Vegan cooking. I'm passionate about those things and also I love Traveling! Since I am a bikini enthusiast and I love traveling to tropical destinations, a bikini brand is something I would love to start with!




She shared some of her life with all of us, and as you can see,

she loves to wear Dippin' Daisy's Swimwear to be part of her adventures!  





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