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Customer Reviews

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Body Type: Curvy
Bra Size: 34 D
Product Quality: Needs a Little Love
Size: XL
Runs Small
Runs Big
Not for big chested people. Color faded after 1 wash.

I really wanted to like this because the pattern is so cute. I got the largest size in pink and my girls would pop out with even the slightest movement. The fabric kept rolling down and I was basically holding my **** the whole day so I wouldn't flash anyone. After wearing this top and the matching bottom one time, I ran them through the wash with like colors and they both came out way faded and with an ugly greyish tint.

Thank you for providing feedback on our Bunny Knotted Bandeau Bikini Top. We apologize that it did not meet your expectations for chest support and color durability. We understand how frustrating that can be. Please feel free to email our customer service team at if you need further assistance with this matter.


not nearly enough coverage

We're sorry to hear that the bikini top you received didn't provide the coverage you were looking for. Please feel free to browse other styles with more coverage that may better suit your preferences. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to email our customer service team.



We appreciate your review about the Bunny Knotted Bandeau Bikini Top. Don't hesitate to email our customer service team if you need help in the future.

Body Type: Curvy, Tall
Size: XL
Runs Small
Runs Big
if you have any type of ****, do not get this

I have never tried on a more ill fitting top. So small in both the cups and the frame, and I ordered an XL. So disappointing.

We truly understand how important it is to get the right fit for a bikini. We're so sorry that this item was not perfect for you. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you need further help with your order.

Body Type: Curvy, Full Bust
Product Quality: Needs a Little Love
Color: White
Runs Small
Runs Big
Not True to Size

I loved the set for my upcoming bachelorette party. But I am sad that the top and bottom aren’t true to size. I love the design of them both but there is no stretch in the fabric. I am stuck with this set, but I honestly wish I can return it for a different set. I wish the set had the softer material like the other swimsuits I have from dippin daisys.