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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Not impressed

I was very excited to get this top because the style is very cute and looks supportive. To preface, I am a 32D and I have an athletic body type. I have small shoulders so I really need tops that have adjustable straps (which this suit has). However, when I received the top I could tell that the quality was not great. The cups don't even scoop under my chest, there is a massive amount of underboob seen for this UNDERWIRE top! I thought that tightening the straps would help but it made matters worse. The material is so slick that the back band creeps up your back so there's absolutely no support. I don't think that sizing down would help whatsoever. I wanted to like this, but it does not work for bigger chests. Maybe it could work for someone with a small chest who does not need support, but it was very disappointing for me, who is not a big person.

Cute but a little disappointing

Two stars because the style is cute and the color is beautiful. Unfortunately this top doesn’t work if you have larger breasts. Ordered different sizes and exchanged them but it’s both too big and too small at the same time. I tried following the size chart and the cups were really tiny. When sizing up the cups fit but the band was way too huge. Maybe in the future they will carry more bra sizes or possibly have different band sizes.

Delaney R.
influencer top

the quality is amazing but it was just a little too big (mostly the band size).

Eva K.

I love this top. It’s super cute and it fits really well. I find this tops run the risk of looking like a bra but this one is PERFECT.

Mallory A.
Poor quality

the suits are poorly made. I will be lucky if my suit lasts through the summer. Also, the orange bled onto the white the first time i washed. Fit well tho, lol.