Tatjana x Revibe

So...how did we get here?

I recently graduated from university with a Bachelor's Degree in Design, majoring in Visual Communication. I freelance on the side and have been applying to heaps of design jobs. I'm really hoping to land a full-time job in a design studio in Melbourne, Australia. After I gain more experience in the industry, I hope to freelance full-time and potentially even start my own design studio!

That's so awesome! Are you a full time designer or is this a growing side hustle?

Both! I started freelancing whilst I was working a regular lil hospitality job that supported me throughout my degree, but I'm working on making it my full-time gig!

What are your designs inspired by?

My design oeuvre constantly fluctuates since I am still evolving, experimenting, and learning as a young adult! Inspiration stems from all facets of life for me, spanning from daily life, playful fashion, and my fellow creatives. Recently, I have been exploring womanhood and how it can be expressed through design in empowering and illuminating ways.

Do you find yourself having to balance your creative side with your business side, and is it difficult?

As a virgo, I am not opposed to engaging in the business aspect of design! I find it so rewarding to be able to get compensated for something I am passionate about. Plus I'm lucky I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands that don't make it feel dry or mundane at all!

OK YES VIRGO ENERGY! What does a typical day look like for our Virgo queen?

After getting in some exercise and making breakfast, I will usually settle down at my desk or in the living room and work on my iPad/laptop. Freelancing is so flexible that I really just go with the flow.

The most important question re: the most important part of the day --- are you a morning person? And do you have a routine to get you through the day?

I wake up moderately early to carve out some time to exercise as it helps me wake up and get the creative juices flowing! Spending a little time to make a nourishing meal also helps me feel ready to tackle the day.

With your busy days, do you have any tips or tricks to stay focused and inspired?

I'm a bit of a perfectionist so having an organized space allows me to have an organized mind! I also thrive off to-do lists, they keep me accountable. I've also learned when it's time to unplug; I would get carried away with working 'till late at night but I've been making a conscious habit to ensure daytime is when I work and nighttime is when I sit back and relax. This allows me to recharge my creative brain for the next day.

Organization is key! Any key pieces of advice you've ever been given?

The best advice I've ever been given would definitely be that sometimes in life, you have to lose things before you gain something even greater. This is something I try to remind myself every day.

That's an awesome thing to live by + we've definitely felt losses and gains during the pandemic. How has it affected you?

Covid has permitted me to focus more deeply on what concepts and philosophies are driving my design work. Witnessing raised awareness of political, social, and environmental issues has pushed me to consider the role of my personal design work and the industry as a whole.

Your role is super important as a designer, especially to us! Have there been any satisfying moments in your design career yet?

I think working for brands that share the same mantra as me is truly so rewarding. It makes the design process so much more exciting as I'm making work that resonates with me.

It's always important that the vibes are matched. Speaking of which, our REVIBE collection is all about the free-spirited side of our babes --- what do you do to let loose?

At the moment, I have been relishing in working out and visiting the beach as often as I can! Recently, I've made such a huge shift towards actively listening to my body and allowing it to feel supported mentally and physically. Additionally, I really love spending quality time with friends and family (which I am so grateful to be able to live in Australia). Although, I've been truly appreciating my own company and how important self-care is!

We love that energy along with the Angel Energy keychain! What does that mean to you?

To me, Angel Energy encapsulates connecting to our inner divinity in a modern age. To unite with our true purpose and passions requires personal strength and dedication to our higher selves.

Last but not least, what advice do you have for other creatives starting out?

Experimenting is so important! Don't be scared to try something new or share your progress; it is all apart of the process. Most importantly, don't let setbacks discourage you, your passion will allow for the right opportunity to come your way!