Dippin Daisys is one of the fastest-growing sustainable swimwear brands on the market today.
Our mission began with four core values: female empowerment, size inclusivity, sustainability and affordable luxury.
Since we began in 2015, we have worked to remain authentic in our pursuit of building a swimwear brand that truly makes you feel like the best version of yourself. At the it's core, we want every experience to encapsulate a true lust for life in a space that allows all individuals to express their inner divine feminine. We are committed to challenging ourselves and evolving to make a positive difference in the swimwear space and beyond.
To further drive our mission of sustainability, we make 95% of our swimsuits from recycled pre and post consumer nylon. This production process is low carbon and environmentally friendly.

Our mission doesn't just stop at our fabrics. Our adjustable strap sliders are made from lead-free, non-toxic metal, our bra inserts are made from recylced foam and the elastic used in our suits is made from organic and natural rubber trees.

Our company and community strive to push the limits in making each area of our company sustainable. Instead of dyeing, we print direct to fabric which means less wasted water, less ink, and less fabric because we only print what we need.
All of our excess and scrap fabric is donated in partnership with Terracycle to ensure that all materials are recycled and made new again.

While we still have not found a perfect solution to plastic/eco-friendly packaging, we use materials that are low impact and easier on the environment.

Our sustainability practices are rooted in committment and love for the environment and protecting the planet.
Along with putting sustainability front and center in the way we design and manufacture, we are proud to say we are also locally made in Los Angeles.

Our deep appreciation for female empowerment and size inclusivity is rooted in our day to day operations -- from our accessible price point to our extended size label, to the multiple female artists we work with for each collection.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our girl with confidence and a sense of power every time she slips into one our of suits.

This is a spirit we actively invest into every aspect of what we do at Dippin Daisys.
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